Mrs. Sudha Gupta – A Stand for Transformation

Mrs. Sudha Gupta, the chairperson of Mother's Pride Group, today is rated among the top notch woman entrepreneurs of the country. But this business entrepreneur works with a difference and aims to a difference. To describe her in one word, she stands for transformation. Let's find out how.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta's journey of transformation began with her education venture Mother's Pride in 1996.She has d a chain of 30 happy vibrant colourful pre-schools all over Delhi and NCR where children are being nurtured with utmost care and love. 'Let children be themselves' is the philosophy the school follows and is nurturing 10000 confident tiny tots every year. Known as the most loved pre-school, Mother's Pride under her leadership has truly transformed the face of pre-school ducation.


The year 2005 saw her question the effectiveness of the system of formal education existing in India and establish a futuristic school called Presidium SeniorSecondary School. She replaced the three R's of education with the three E's – explore, experiment and enjoy. Set up on the ideology of 'Be What you want to be', the school exudes power to its students by giving them opportunities to discover their abilities, express their dreams and choose a path they want to tread on. First time in the history of education in India, the school has d six powerful clubs and ten extraordinary academies managed by experts. Unlike other schools, the students of Presidium are not dependent on any outside institutes to polish their skills and hone their talents. The walls of Presidium, that showcase the portraits of some famous personalities, cry out with conviction that one day its students will be among the global leaders.


Taking education beyond books is one aspect, Mrs. Sudha Gupta has taken it beyond the walls of the school as well. She has successfully enrolled the parents into the education process through the propagation of Positive Parenting. She firmly believes that parents have all the power to nurture happy and successful children and no school alone can achieve this goal. Through her books, publications, T.V. and radio programs, seminars, Mrs.Sudha Gupta has transformed thousands of families.


Adiva Woman Care, an IVF super specialty centre and gynaecology hospital, is a new feather in her cap. This time she eyes to revolutionize woman care in hospitals by providing not only best medical facilities but also best care and attention. Any lady who walks into Adiva will feel like a queen, such are the thoughts of Mrs. Gupta. But why a hospital after running schools for children' Pat come her reply, "It's high time we show due respect and care to women who give birth to children".


The saga goes on with Sudha Gupta striving to construct a school by the name of 'Savera SpecialSchool' for mentally challenged children. This again is happening with a difference by raising funds from the public. The aim is not to construct a building but to a space for these special children in the hearts of people, is what she believes.


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